SEEQ Process Data Analytics

Sim Infosystems has partnered with SEEQ, a Seattle based US Company, a Leader in process data analytics. With Seeq, now Engineers can rapidly perform process data analysis based on the principles of Chemical Engineering and Science/math-based algorithms/modeling. ALL IN SINGLE BROWSER SCREEN - “Seeq WorkBench” , a powerful tool for instant comparison of variables, multi-variate analysis, modeling and predictive insights into your process or assets (IIOT) and Seeq does it easily and rapidly by applying the cutting-edge Hadoop/Apache SPARK technology for process data analytics.

Data Can be from Plant Historians, Pilot plant, LIMS, PAT devices, Relational Databases, XL sheets, CSV files OR manual Records/journals. With SEEQ technology, user can instantly connects to these data sources by indexing (not duplicating) and empowers you with rapid Search, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor processes and sets stage in Seeq for studies of process development, scale-up, safety, improvement of product quality & yield, investigation of past events/time-period of equipment/process AND predict the behavior of process/equipment (rapid modeling and machine learning).
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